We collect and store information about you to enable us to provide you a service. We ask for your consent (your agreement) to hold your information. We will not at any time pass your personal details on to any third party unless we have a legal obligation to do so.

Our legal duty to share some information

Activate must by law pass information to other parties in some circumstances, for example to safeguard adults or children from harm or abuse or the prevention of serious crime including terrorism. Where we need to share information in this way, we would usually explain this to you before we do so.

Communication Needs

If you have told us that you have additional communication needs (for example if you use an interpreter) we would like to share this information with organisations involved in your support.

How we hold your information

We use a secure electronic system to hold your information. We hold information securely in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Pictures and Videos

We do take picture on walks, events and challenges to promote our services. You will be asked for you permission to share these on our website, social media pages or publications at the start of each walk or event. We ask participants who do not want to be included in pictures and videos to make us aware.